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Holy Other ends 9-year hiatus, announces second album ‘Lieve’

Nine years since the release of his debut LP on the now defunct Tri Angle Records, UK-based producer Holy Other marks his long-awaited return with the announcement of his second album ‘Lieve‘, due for release in November.

In 2010, Holy Other released his debut 7-inch via London-based imprint Transparent, in 2011 he signed to Robin Carolan’s in-vogue record label Tri Angle to release his lauded debut ‘With U‘ EP and ‘Held‘ LP and quickly became part of the short-lived Witch House movement alongside fellow artists Balam Acab and oOoOO.

Now, David Ainley delivers his second album as Holy Other, offering 10 new tracks of leftfield electronics, featuring the voice of NYX’s Sian O’Gorman, violin from Simmy Singh and saxophone from Daniel Thorne.

Recorded during 2020 in the North West of England, the album is said to have “used the acoustics of an observatory — the cavernous basement and the geometrically-perfect wooden domes — Holy Other recorded and resampled material that would become the bedrock of Lieve.”

‘Lieve’ is scheduled for release 19 November in CD and digital formats. Order a copy from Bandcamp

Photo by Camille Blake


1. Dirt Under Your Nails
2. Lieve
3. Absolutes
4. Heartrendering
5. Up Heave
6. Whatever You Are You’re Not Mine
7. Groundless
8. Refuse
9. Shudder
10. Bough Down