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Premiere: Arigto – Threat That Lies In Despair

Multi-various artistic duo Arigto return to full length territory with ‘Pretense‘. Arigto’s wholesale approach to music and art has helped them draw praise from various corners of the artistic community, with Inverted Audio hosting the vivid, hyperreal music video of ‘Silence Is A Lie‘ back in May 2021.

Pretense‘ veers further into monochrome territory, from the cold lack of colour in the cover art to the titles and music itself, with examples such as our premiere, ‘Threat That Lies In Despair‘, demonstrating the kind of sonic architecture on hand.

Forged from heavily processed acoustic instruments such as piano and violin in tandem with digitally-sourced production (including personal and custom neural networks) ‘Threat That Lies In Despair‘ rides on the wing of grim-faced modern classical while touting the banner for futuristic, avant-garde production techniques. Balancing the two while also generating engaging music is no easy feat, but Arigto’s fine ear and steady hand guide the track — and the album at large — into powerfully enigmatic realms.

‘Pretense’ is out now. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Tragedy To Come
2. No Presence, Silent Fear
3. Misapprehension
4. Threat That Lies In Despair
5. Agony
6. The Drones Don’t Fly When The Skies Are Grey
7. Pretend To Breakaway
8. The Defiant Cry
9. Come What May, This Is Happiness