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GTA Soundsystem share Buy Music Club playlist ahead of Lunchmeat Festival

Out of all the Prague-based acts on this year’s Lunchmeat Festival lineup, GTA Soundsystem might have the least online presence, but, quite contradictingly, the trio is a collection of some of the city’s most well-known local artists: Oliver Torr, David Herzig (aka Lotus Wash), and Aid Kid.

GTA Soundsystem is the live performance alias of these three musicians together, each bringing a distinct and creative approach to audio and sound design to the almost entirely improvised shows. Eschewing genre and regimented musical patterns for the kind of free-flowing creativity that is only achievable through deep understanding of their machines and a camaraderie that comes from a real friendship.

Ahead of the world premiere of their audio visual performance with object-based light design and atmospherics from visual artist Marek Šilpoch at Lunchmeat on Friday, Oliver Torr has selected some tracks into a Buy Music Club playlist for Inverted Audio, taking us on a trip from personally inspiring artists also performing at the festival (notably from the Hyperdub label showcase) through to more experimental picks from Slikback and Richard Youngs.

“My playlist is sort of a mix of stuff that inspires me in terms of sound design, with a focus on Lunchmeat Festival’s Thursday lineup — the Hyperdub label has been quite important for me in terms of inspiration.

I’ve been using AYA’s Bandcamp as a secret weapon for my DJ sets over the past 2 years, for brain melting edits and collages of everything from Oneohtrix Point-Never to ic3peak, so really excited to see their AV premiere with Sweatmother. And Loraine James’ ‘Reflection’ album has hit me pretty hard, as it has many other people… amazing stuff.

And, of course, Lee Gamble and Kode9, twisting the aesthetics of ‘dance music’ into their own twisted fantasy, have always been spearheading the experimental approach to what makes you dance, when your mind dances more than your feet. A special shout out also goes to exael’s ‘Cartoon Goth‘ tape for Boomkat’s Documenting Sound series, which isn’t available on Bandcamp.”


1. Lee Gamble – Newtown Got Folded
2. Loraine James – Reflection
3. Kode9 – Rona City Blues
4. Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Lelasi – Simferopol
5. Jana Rush – Just A Taste (ft. DJ Pay Pal)
6. Slikback – SNAKEIX
7. aya – badman vip VIP
8. Christina Kubisch – Circles III
9. VilloVilduVeta – One
10. Richard Youngs – The Unlearning