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Music Video: Arigto – Silence Is A Lie

Arigto, a duo of musical composers and visual artists, release their video for ‘Silence Is A Lie‘, a track from their ‘Blind Immaterialist‘ EP from March 2019.

The song displays the pair’s affinity with compositions and their work as score musicians more than their alignment with typical electronic musicians or hobbyists: high-gloss and professional sound design fills the ears, ululating through loud and quiet orchestral beauty across the 6-minute work.

Key to the musical work is the stuttering finish, momentary fractures in the cohesiveness of the sound which add movement and intrigue to the piece. Where other compositions may use silence as an instrument in another way, Arigto balance silence against the gradual crescendo of the track, dipping the listener in iterations of it fractions of a second long, giving the sense of some force trying to push through the wall of sound — eventually, it does, ushering in the final crescendo of the piece, a gradual incline which dissolves into stuttering machinery spurting out warped orchestral music.

The music video, directed by Daniel Tomczak, is a suitably minimalistic affair, focussed entirely on the motions of one male dancer and the dramatic coloured lighting. With the eyes focussed entirely on the staccato rhythms of the dancer, the quality of the audio shines through, and one finds symmetry in his jolting movement and the minor escalations within the music. The lighting, stark and revealing on the lit side, the reverse plunged into blackness, highlights the beauty of his motion and the intricacies of the interrelation between the music and the physical performance.

‘Blind Immaterialist’ is out now via Vision Recordings. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

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