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Music Video: Al Pagoda – Steel Outro (Conga Fever’s 2 Steps In Time Remix)

Banned In Vegas Records team up with Frank Wiedemann’s Bigamo Musik to release a compilation of remixes of Al Pagoda’sLucky Veil‘ album, released through Bigamo in October 2020, as well as a short documentary, arriving in June.

Titled ‘A Deer Falling Into The Sea‘, the compilation album sees a series of friends and sonic influencers for Pagoda’s ‘Lucky Veil‘ tapping into the material and twisting it into their own favoured shapes. Airaboi, Iro Aka, Opal Sunn and Conga Fever all step to the task, refracting the already diverse original material into yet more colours.

Conga Fever’s ‘2 Steps In Time Remix‘ of ‘Steel Outro‘ arrives as the second single with an accompanying music video. A visual homage to film videography, the piece is assembled through archival footage of a bewildering array of scenes, cut up and spliced into colour and shape by Spanish artist Tirador, who has previously collaborated with Ben Klock and Objekt.

Scenes from all walks of life flit by, black and white imagery merging with colour, stacked with layers of grain and leaked light effects. Tirador’s talent for synchronising his work with the musical composition makes itself prevalent at every turn, matching a dancing man’s moves to off-beat drum hits in the track, or moments of film breaking through a wash of woozy colour matching the stumbling gait of the track.

This is made all the more potent as the intensity of the VFX gradually escalates throughout the video, from the simpler cut-and-paste beginnings to the lysergic ending, the film always remains harmonious with the dreamy broken house beat from Conga Fever.

‘A Deer Falling Into The Sea’ is scheduled for release 28 May via Banned In Vegas Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp

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