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Music Video: Glyn Maier – Memoria

The fated alliance of Psychic Liberation and Enmossed continues, after a sequence of vibrant and strange cassette tapes, with a vinyl 12″ from Enmossed label head Glyn Maier and LXV, sparsely titled ‘– – –‘.

Between the two imprints we’ve witnessed some of the most essential experimentalism in music across the border of genre in recent years, from Florian T M Zeisig’s thrilling ‘Coatcheck‘ LP via Enmossed, to the chilling and raw ‘In God’s Image‘ album by St Abdullah via Psychic Liberation.

Essential status now long-established, LXV and Maier team up for a split release of deeply psychedelic arranged and manipulated sounds, a battery on the senses which cracks the often mild world of field recordings a solid blow to the jaw, dropping sampled material into a dense undergrowth of state-altering “ambient” that will not leave the listener unaffected.

Dense undergrowth is also the focal point of the also-very-trippy video for Maier’s track ‘Memoria‘, produced by Mariana Dianela Torres. Taking an insect’s-eye view of the changing seasons, the viewer finds themselves thrown into dizzying false-colour spectacles: spiralling worlds of cavernous trees flow with the sounds of spectral bells, juxtaposed the next moment with prismatic-lensed vistas of hot, dry grass and stark shadows of trees, serenaded by intensifying cicadas. A swandive into the detail which makes the rural and bucolic so strangely otherworldly, the original source of mystery and wonder.

‘- – -‘ is scheduled for release 25 June via Psychic Liberation and Enmossed. Order a copy from Bandcamp


3. Glyn Maier – MEMORIA
4. Glyn Maier – GŴYL’

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