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Music Video: Collector – Wrong Place

Jason Campbell has been releasing corrosive techno for the past 5 years under the alias of Collector. His music takes clear cues from artists like Perc, but is perhaps equally inspired by the industrial backdrop of Newcastle, Australia, once known for its steelworks and currently the largest coal export port in the world.

Harnessing this industrial malaise, his second LP landed back in April. Track titles such as ‘Lockout Law’ and ‘Wrong Place’ speak to the bleak reality of the city’s nightlife and the nature of living outside of the country’s metropolitan centres. ‘Lowered Ute’, the name of the album, is a reference to the Australian car culture that can be seen as a response to suburban boredom.

Immersing himself in a world of burnouts and street racing, filmmaker Karl Warwick Pearson captured scenes of Newcastle’s industrial zones after dark. It’s little wonder that the lowered utes indicated in the release’s title served as inspiration for Campbell’s industrial-tinged techno. The intensity, grit and smoke here provide a fitting visual accompaniment for the screeching electronics of this release.

‘Lowered Ute’ is out now via Come Sundown. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

ArtistLabelReleased23 April 2021Genre