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Boothroyd: Idle Hours

The Mancunian newcomer’s debut EP on Tri Angle Records is a respectable salut to former leftfield icons such as Amon Tobin, and a pathfinding effort in the ever-renewing scene of unclassifiable future forecasting machine music.

Vinyl Artwork Of The Year 2013

The votes are in and the winner of Vinyl Artwork Of The Year 2013 is Gold Panda ‘Half of Where You Live’ released via NOTOWN Records and Ghostly International, designed by Andy Gilmore.

The Haxan Cloak

Earlier this year we met up with The Haxan Cloak aka Bobby Krilic at Hackney Downs Studios in London to discover more about his new album
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Vessel: Order of Noise

1. Vizar
2. Stillborn Dub
3. Images of Bodies
4. Silten
5. Lache
6. Aries
7. 2 Moon Dub
8. Scarletta
9. Plane Curves
10. Temples
11. Court of Lions
12. Villaine

Holy Other: Held

1. (W)here
2. Tense Past
3. Inpouring
4. Love Some1
5. U Now
6. In Difference
7. Past Tension
8. Held
9. Nothing Here

How To Dress Well: Love Remains

1. You Hold The Water
2. Ready For The World
3. My Body
4. Suicide Dream 2
5. You Wont Need Me Where I’m Goin’
6. Can’t See My Own Face
7. Walking This Dumb
8. Date of Birth
9. Escape Before the Rain
10. Endless Rain
11. Lover’s Start
12. Mr. By & By
13. Decisions
14. Suicide Dream 1