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Boothroyd: Idle Hours

Y5‘, the closing track on Boothroyd’s Idle Hours EP, portrays awakening robots’ stomping fiercly within a dystopian electronic landscape. This example of sonic world building totals up to a major part of the release’s significance. The Mancunian newcomer’s debut EP on Tri Angle Records is a respectable salut to former leftfield icons such as Amon Tobin, and a pathfinding effort in the ever-renewing scene of unclassifiable future forecasting machine music.

An artificial environment of cinematic drones and rapid drums greet the listener in ‘NYC‘, the grand opener of the EP. In ‘Skinned‘, the pace slows down, and despite the background’s sensible tension, the viewpoint of Boothroyd’s world feels closer. This is maybe the EP’s most chaotic work, and the most adventurous: in the first two minutes ambient samples and noise effects drift into each other, their impact produces a beat-driven, sullen inverse.

Though dark tones and abstract rhythmic patterns are hardly considered to be refreshing in our times’ steady flow of the new, the four tracks presented here are more than enjoyable, and even urges for more. Idle Hours’ big idea lies slightly hidden in its less-is-more approach, meaning that every track feels complete, yet there is space for more sounds and inspiration. It positively creates a hunger needed to be fulfilled, so we can only hope that Boothroyd returns soon.


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