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Trudge: 100

Packed with the assets of an instant classic for fans of these sounds, ‘100‘ portrays an artist who doesn’t just have big ideas, but clearly knows how to execute them with flawless precision.

Adam Emil + Slim Hustla: Travellers EP

Following Harrison BDP’s and Jesse Bru’s excellent extended players on Piff Records, Bristol-based imprint shines again courtesy of Adam Emil and Slim Hustla arriving in fine style contributing the label’s fifth release.

Varg: Nordic Flora Series Pt.3: Gore-Tex City

Nordic Flora Series Pt.3: Gore-Tex City is one of Varg’s most approachable albums to date, yet, it never fails to sound as genuine as you could expect. Given the fact the record is more than seventy minutes long, it is quite an achievement.

Second Woman: E/P

Ahead of the release of their upcoming album, Second Woman aka Telefon Tel Aviv’s Joshua Eustis and Belong’s Turk Dietrich, tease us with a four track extend player featuring remixes from experimental sound sculptor Jlin and Greek dub techno producer Fluxion.

Kr!z reflects on Token Records

Belgium’s Token imprint has become one of the most influential techno labels of our time. We caught up with label boss Kr!z to discuss Token’s past, present and future.

Lakker: Tundra

Dara Smith and Ian McDonnell confidently depart from the restricting confines of the extended player to present a 10-track album composed of over fifty minutes of IDM induced dystopian electronica harnessing an outstanding result.

Tadeo: Terra Incognita EP

During the 28-minute voyage, Tadeo has obvious points of reference, yet the result is rewarding, both in style and substance.

Chambray: Work That

Everything is in order for a good sweat out, and Chambray doesn’t disappoint. This is what a hypermodern, futuristic Dance Mania would sound like.

Stave: After The Social EP

Stave’s ‘After The Social’ EP captures a brutal session of grim beat-rolling, focussing heavily on repetition and noise.

Arad: Haon

Haon feels like a preview of what might come from Arad, it makes it perfectly clear that not just McDonnell has creative input in the duo.

Svreca: Narita

While it gathers memories and emotions from Svreca’s travels to Japan, the four-tracker is a textbook example of contemporary minimal techno. Simple, yet utterly effective structures enhance every minute building up different climaxes.

Clark: Clark

Clark’s new album reflects the Zeitgeist of our time, making Clark a stand-out record of 2014, not his best to date, but definitely a slow-burner.

Adam X: Irreformable

At almost 25 years in the game as Adam X, the release of his album ‘Irreformable’ is like hearing a living legend in action again, a late career masterpiece, an album recommended for heavy rotation.

Boothroyd: Idle Hours

The Mancunian newcomer’s debut EP on Tri Angle Records is a respectable salut to former leftfield icons such as Amon Tobin, and a pathfinding effort in the ever-renewing scene of unclassifiable future forecasting machine music.