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Svreca: Narita

While it gathers memories and emotions from Svreca’s travels to Japan, the four-tracker is a textbook example of contemporary minimal techno. Simple, yet utterly effective structures enhance every minute building up different climaxes.

Clark: Clark

Clark’s new album reflects the Zeitgeist of our time, making Clark a stand-out record of 2014, not his best to date, but definitely a slow-burner.

Adam X: Irreformable

At almost 25 years in the game as Adam X, the release of his album ‘Irreformable’ is like hearing a living legend in action again, a late career masterpiece, an album recommended for heavy rotation.

Boothroyd: Idle Hours

The Mancunian newcomer’s debut EP on Tri Angle Records is a respectable salut to former leftfield icons such as Amon Tobin, and a pathfinding effort in the ever-renewing scene of unclassifiable future forecasting machine music.

Sigha: The Purification Loops

The Purification Loops is 100% pure Sigha material, its strongest element is the power to keep everything as minimal as possible. Sometimes we easily forget how outstanding techno tunes are born: now we have an extensive manual to remember.

Terrence Dixon: Badge Of Honor

Hot on the heels of ‘From The Far Future Pt. 2’s’ critical success, Terrence Dixon quickly accomplishes another great concept. Badge Of Honor may not be for a wide audience, but still, it portrays the Detroitian artist in his best form. Deserves careful studying.

Truncate: Pressurize EP

Truncate’s ‘Pressurize EP’ on 50 Weapons not only reveals great design and execution, but indicates that Truncate’s artistic barriers are yet to be reached.

Echologist on Storming Heaven

Brendon Moeller discusses the makings of his new album “Storming Heaven” and his shift in direction from the Brendon Moeller ‘big room techno’ guise to a more organic expression of his creativity.

Dadub: Untitled EP

1. Dadub ‘Mistresses March’
2. Dadub + ‘Kykeon’
3. Dadub + Grun ‘Ergot Kernel’

400ppm: AVN011

A1. Non Nocere
A2. Occupational Exposure
A3. Lean Manufacturing
B1. Piquette Plant
B2. Monoculture
B3. Evitandus

Femme En Fourrure: 36-26-36

1. Sunburn
2. Cleopatra
3. Golden Sssh
4. Bound
5. Pretty Boy
6. 2003
7. Soft Ice
8. Watcher
9. Letter To My Brother
10. Aids
11. Soft Ice (Audionite Remix)
12. Watcher (South London Ordnance Remix)