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Pev & Kowton / Asusu: Raw Code (Surgeon Remix) / Sister (Nick Höppner Remix)

’s onslaught of 12”s in 2013 was one of the most vital things that happened to the broken beat rooted offshoots of British club music in recent years. Pev’s instant classics and works by the likes of  and  resulted in some truly outstanding moments, and the 2CD compilation that topped the end of the year (entitled simply Livity Sound) represented a sonic manifesto with a timeless quality.

Since this March, talented producers around the world have remixed and reinterpreted Bristol’s new bass music in the form of another 12” onslaught. The fourth instalment of the series shows Birmingham techno’s living legend  and Ostgut Ton label founder and Panorama Bar’s resident  in action.

Surgeon has the honor of bringing his own version of Pev & Kowton’s unforgettable ‘Raw Code‘. It is not as brutal and heavy as most of his works, but definitely a bomb to remember. He does an accurate job of cutting out identifying elements of the music, and replacing them with new ones, though the original’s percussions remain intact in the remix’s techno-minded 4/4 environment. The most characteristic component is without doubt the dystopian melody which surrounds the six-minute track almost throughout, rendering it a perfect piece for a dawning climax at 6PM.

Nick Höppner’s reimagination of Asusu’s ‘Sister‘ is a low-key work of art, flirting with the mind instead of the legs. The dub housey straight rhythms have been changed to broken ones, and the background has a richer scale of ambient sounds so the lowdown is a calmer, soulful representation of Asusu’s moody filler.

If you haven’t checked out the Livity Sound’s remixes so far, now is the obligatory time to do it. Apart from Surgeon and Nick Höppner, there’s are also brilliance from MMM, Pangaea, A Made Up Sound, Ghost-202 (Ron Morelli & Svengalisghost) and Beneath with presumably more to come.

Download and stream Peverlist’s Livity Sound IA MIX here.

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