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Chambray: Work That

Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic label is clearly at its peak right now. In the last two years, the former Detroit artist has put a huge amount of creative effort, alongside visual artist Pilar Zeta, into his imprint by creating a unique visual identity for each record, and as the latest 12”s are out, the music has become even more identifiable.

After Crystal Bandito’s ‘Feel So Free‘ and Aden’s excellent ‘Tanz EP‘, Ultramajic now offers the second four tracker from Chambray, aptly titled ‘Work That‘. It contains nearly 30 minutes of pumping clubhouse with raw up-tempo beats, heavy claps, vintage synth melodies and shards of commanding vocals.

Opener ‘Anew starts gently, warm sounds emerge in a euphoric atmosphere, though masculine beats soon takes over. As minutes pass by, the track gets more intimate yet stronger, with some serious jacking. There’s a crucial moment after five minutes, where the overdose of drumpads and the endlessly repeating stabs of vocals max out everything, yet after a huge drop the track gets back to where it started, though this time on an even harder level. This elegant solution results as one of the greatest moments on Ultramajic so far.

The formula is the same on the rest of the record. Chambray toys with his ideas in different environments, yet the effect never changes. ‘Work That perfectly captures what house is meant to be in a small club on a busy Friday: steady, in your face beats keep the body in motion, never allowing you to rest, polished vocals and melodies flirt with the mind. Everything is in order for a good sweat out, and Chambray doesn’t disappoint. This is what a hypermodern, futuristic Dance Mania would sound like.

Work That is out now on Ultramajik, order a digital copy from Bleep.



1.  Anew
2.  Work That
3.  In Effect
4.  Those Jawns


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