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Stave: After The Social EP

Talker’s self-titled debut album on Downwards in 2014 was one of the label’s most versatile releases, eight tracks offering a deep adventure into the industrial realm of noise, dub techno and drone. Now Jonathan Krohn, one half of the duo, steps up under the name of Stave to represent his solo vision on Repitch Recordings, another label showcasing techno’s more obscure side from the likes of Sleeparchive, Gaja and Violet Poison. ‘After The Social‘ EP captures a brutal session of grim beat-rolling, focussing heavily on repetition and noise.

There’s not much of an intro in opening track Hardened Choice, it’s hard out right from the very start. An 8 second long pattern dominates throughout, hardly a change can be heard, barring some background interference and explosions.

Next up Regis’ steps up on remix duty. His approach is less noisy, yet harder on the bass side. It’s hard to make out if a chant hides somewhere within the echoes, or is it just pure distortion…nevertheless it makes the remix equally memorable.

On the flip side Circle Pit raises even more intense industrial atmospheres, whilst Paid Jazz features some very dramatic drums-of-death type of palpitations.

Despite being a Stave release, one may easily put it beyond the event horizon of Talker’s universe. It’s kind of like a “what happens if” version of the duo’s work, where things turn into a gory nightmare.

After The Social EP is out now on REPITCH Recordings, order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


1.  Hardened Chord
2.  Hardened Chord (Regis Remix)
3.  Circle Pit
4.  Paid Jazz


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