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Premiere: Romansoff – Graded (Ploy Remix)

Hailing from the weatherbeaten shores of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, record label Solar Phenomena got the ball rolling last year with a solid double 12-inch package from Polish techno producer Echoplex, quickly followed by a string of releases courtesy of reputed artists including Edit Select affiliate Antonio Ruscito, Fossil Archive boss Roberto, Hamburg-based producer Achim Maerz and dubbed-out abstract techno figure Stephan Laubner aka STL.

Third to grace the label’s grooves this year alone, Romanian producer Romansoff – known for his shape-shifting, moody 4/4 blends which led him to release on the likes of Crème Organization, Mörk and Ruff Draft in addition to his own imprint Raw Tools – steps up with ‘Halo‘, a subtle slab crossbreeding rugged techno rhythms, spooky synth melodies and rust-eaten drum patterns, finely supplemented by an hallucinogenic remix from Bristol’s top-class ambience master builder, Ploy.

It’s that exact revamp from the Bristolian producer that we’re glad to share with you today. Taking the original’s forward-moving groove for a stroll in further knotty meanderings, Ploy lays down one of his signature murky tribal bass hybrids, immersing you in a freaky atmosphere that has the organic merging into the synthetic and vice versa, as it soaks the deeply-rooted archaic pulse of warlike percussions and nerve-racking chords in a teeming bath of future-resque bleeps and bloops. Brooding, badly psychoactive brain-melter all the way.

Halo is out now, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Halo
A2.­ Coach Jacket
B1.­ Graded
B2.­ Graded (Ploy Remix)
Digital Bonus.­ Michigan Lake Tapes

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