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Premiere: Russian Chandeliers – Kosmonauten Aceed

Today’s premiere comes from a brand new project based out of Berlin. Russian Chandeliers is a collaborative effort from the duo of Julian Grefe (of Pink Skull) and Fringe Society (previously releasing under the pseudonym Quell) – melding their previous sonic experiences together into a debut EP for the Brooklyn-based imprint Samo Records.

The track in question, “Kosmonauten Aceed” is a discordant dance floor romper that keeps afloat amongst an industrious structure. Steadying a beat that builds alongside an ear worm of a acid bassline, caked with carefully-placed claps and krautrock klaxons that will inject some life onto the dance floor at any given situation.

Weaving between such sounds is a delicate balancing act, but it looks like this twosome has found their niche within their shared experiences to form a solid foundation. We’re looking to seeing what’s next from them, which is their ‘Worm In/Worm Out‘ EP, scheduled for release 18th January.

‘Worm In/Worm Out’ is scheduled for release 18th January, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Worm In Worm Out
2. Stay In Seattle
3. Stay In Seattle (Zombies In Miami Mix)
4. Worm In Worm Out (MR TC Mix)
5. Kosmonauten Aceed

Discover more about Russian Chandeliers and Samo Records on Inverted Audio.