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Premiere: S. Channel – Distant Shores

Near to two years on since his latest solo release on Gnork imprint, Outskirts, French producer Vincent Ribault aka S. Channel makes a comeback with ‘Distant Shores‘ – his second outing on Berlin-based outlet Freund Der Familie after contributing a track to the label’s ‘FDF SOUL #3 / SEML 01‘ VA, released in collaboration with Ribault’s own collective, SEML, back in 2016.

Exploring lushly-textured ambient tableaux in all their breadth and depth, S. Channel delivers a vibrant atmospheric piece that’s both grounded in organicity and largely ethereal, unshackled from all sense of gravity-enslaved materiality to better reach higher spiritual spheres.

Streaming in full over our channels today, the heartbroken title-track ‘Distant Shores‘ steers its listener amidst frozen lakescapes and dew-covered fields on a peaceful Sunday morning. Forlorn yet traversed by a hopeful, optimistic light, it’s music for the daydreamers and the shoegazers, those who love and those who care. An end-to-end riveting piece of simple yet astonishing beauty.

Distant Shores is released via Freund Der Familie on 20th January, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Whisper
A2. Disrupt
A3. Ambexp1 (Demi Monde Mix)
B1. Deeply Rooted
B2. Swing In Pads (Synsonics Fix)
B3. Distant Shores

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