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Premiere: Sasha Zlykh – Lie To Your Mom (Rupert Marnie’s Ethno Mix)

Used to walk the line betwixt colourful house moves and breaks-laden fantasies, Hamburg-based imprint The Press Group has slowly but surely earnt its stripes as one of Germany’s most promising dance music labels within just a couple years and a handful releases – most of which came from the hand of its lead character, the enigmatic Rupert Marnie, only to recently introduce the rest of the family through a much variedly flavoured debut VA, ‘Press By The Group‘ EP.

After five records from the label’s core crew, TPG felt time had come to push their own boundaries and eventually set their sights on an up-and-coming talent from Ukraine going by the name of Sasha Zlykh.

Well-known of the Kyiv underground scene followers, Zlykh steps up on Marnie’s offshoot with a wonky and funky debut 12″, coltish and groovy as gets. Our premiere ‘Lie To Your Mom (Rupert Marnie’s Ethno Mix)‘ is a fine knitting of no-nonsense Chicagoan shuffle and exotica-inflected chimes akin to Gold Panda’s harmonics. Languid and rousing all at once, this one’s cut precisely for warm-climate boogie. Direct ice-breaker.

Lie To Your Mom is out now via The Press Group, order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Lie To Your Mom
A2. R’n’B Ritual
B1. Lie To Your Mom (Rupert Marnie’s Ethno Mix)
B2. Lie To Your Mom (Youthman(29) Mix)

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