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Premiere: SC-164 – Separate Follower (Sync 24 Remix)

Hot on the heels of his recent ‘CH-002‘ EP, Brooklyn’s Greg Schappert AKA Donor reactivates his SC-164 alias for Cultivated Electronics with the thermonuclear-powered ‘Human Grid‘ – a cross-dimensional hotrod bolting across the floating city’s high-speed tunnels like a bullet in the barrel. Hear the iron shivering?

Lighting the flip’s fuze in true badman fashion, CE helmsman Sync 24 jumps in on remix duty with a full-on massive facelift of the erratically built ‘Separate Follower‘.

Taking the original’s spasmodic scripts and mind-intrusive, loopy patterns for an epic prowl in the wild, Bolland flexes out the muscular breaks, frenzied acid warbling and wistful retro-futuristic synth chords to sink us within a run-for-your-life, paranoid Ballardian plot. True-school, peak time-primed electro ripper this.

Human Grid EP is released via Cultivated Electronics on 31st May, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Separate Follower
A2. Defiant Stance
B1. Separate Follower (Sync 24 Remix)
B2. Sourced

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