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Premiere: Seetheroad – Outer Orbit

Tusk Wax had a really strong 2018 with sequence of releases and remixes from the likes of LA-4A, Posthuman, RuF Dug & Marcel Vogel, and Mugwump. It – and by extension its sister labels of Horn Wax, Porn Wax and 90s Wax – has been one of those fantastic UK labels that has steadily bubbled along and become a firm favourite of its fans.

For those who have yet to discover the imprint, the usual cycle of euphoria in discovering a brand new and exciting world followed by the dismay of a strictly adhered to single pressing vinyl only policy applies here. In summary – if you spy a heater bearing the triangular logo, grab it or lose it.

This year sees the standard set elevated even further. Their first release of the year – from Local Suicide & Curses! – has found its way drifting into the sets of Ame and Dixon. Now, our latest premiere finds Nottingham based artist Seetheroad in unrelenting form, backed with a remix by the in-form Nathan Micay.

The release itself is a departure from the label’s fondness for the grey areas between italo, deep house, acid and all things indulgent, turning out a shredding collection of techno that veers towards the 1800haightstreet side of the spectrum.

We have chosen ‘Outer Orbit‘ to highlight the release, with its rattling broken beats and shape-shifting melodies. The rest of the package straightens up the beats for a rugged dance floor workout, while Micay’s reworking puts the label’s chug aesthetic through his Neo-Tokyo filter for those who prefer a lower tempo.

Tusk Wax Twenty Nine is out now, pick up a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Outer Orbit
A2. Local Cluster (Nathan Micay’s ‘Metallic Hollow Breath’)
B1. Bitshifter
B2. Local Cluster

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