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Premiere: Imaginary Softwoods – Sapphire Point

John Elliott is a busy man. Former member of Emeralds with Steve Hauschildt and Mark McGuire, plus countless other outfits including Organic Dial and Outer Space, boss of Editions Mego sister-label Spectrum Spools (home to Container, Donato Dozzy, Bee Mask and more) as well as his own Mineral Disk imprint – fully dedicated to his Imaginary Softwoods output, the Cleveland-based producer multiplies main and side-projects like one goes for a routine jog. And yet, all things considered his music is certainly the furthest thing possible from busy-sounding.

Initially issued in tape format via Mineral Disk three years ago, Elliott’s stunning fourth full-length release, ‘Gold Fiction Loop Garden‘ is finally given the vinyl treat it deserved, thanks to the efforts of the ever reliable Field Records. Giving this string of “short loops, recorded live to two-track digital using analog synthesizers, Mellotron M400 and multiple arrays of configured FX processes” a new shine and polish, this one welcomely fills a gap in the US musician’s discography.

Premiereing through our channels today, ‘Sapphire Point‘ takes us for a beautiful, therapeutic glide across vaporous mountainscapes and lucent ambient plateaux. A real hypnotic drift for the mind and body that will have you immersed in tidal pad waves and shimmering textures, this is one to sooth you from the daily madness and avalanches of sh*t news flashing like bullets across the networks. There’s grace in this world, preserved from the indelible stains of the human ‘progress’ failures, and Imaginary Softwoods is one of its most vibrant spokespersons.

Gold Fiction Loop Garden is released via Field Records on 14th June, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. The Appendage Point
2. Yellow Calcite
3. Yellow Calcite II
4. Anterograde Stone Remedy
5. Albion
6. Memory Loop
7. Painted Flowers Loop
8. Sapphire Point
9. The Path Of Anxinite

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