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Premiere: Siegmar Fricke – Aero

Since its inception three years ago, spAceLex’s Mond Musik has been doing a wonderful job of issuing and re-issuing long lost gems from unfairly forgotten or too little-known German electronic pioneers. It all started with Papiertiger & The Cat Cammer Orchestra, shortly followed by platters from Eiskalte Engel, Der Gøtling, DJ Bert & Eagle and more recently Heilige 3 Könige.

To kick off the New Year under the best auspices, the reins are this time handed to the versatile Siegmar Fricke – a much talented all-rounder who’s been experimenting electronics since the early ’80s and still active as Pharmakustik with releases for No. and Rotorelief amongst others. For the occasion, Alexander Arpeggio and Fricke collated a handful of fresher-than-fresh cuts recorded over the course of five years, from the end of the ’80s to the early ’90s, compiled under the name ‘Kassettenjahre (The Cassette Years) 1988-1993‘ and slightly edited for club use.

True to Siegmar’s own description of his music, which he quite accurately labels as “dynamic danceable collage-pop with a ’90s technoid tendency“, our pick ‘Aero‘ is a misty synth-driven delight tailored for springtime walks in the park and balmy daydream. Bathed in a thick sauce of tape-saturation and multiple FXs, the track progressively rises up in the clouds onto warmer climates, all eyes set on the widescreen horizon of consciousness opened by its entangled skeins of distended pads, rousing toms and sun-streaked chords. It’s time to cast off and levitate!

Kassettenjahre 1988-1993 is released via Mond Musik in January, pre-order a copy from the label’s webshop.


A1. Brave People
A2. Point It Out
A3. Aero
A4. Round The Country
B1. Point It Out (Manfredas Remix)
B2. His Love His Hate
B3. Coverages All Over

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