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Premiere: Sage – Daylight Blur

Launched in the end of 2017 with a pair of releases from newcomer R.Kitt and Dixon Avenue Basement Jams affiliate Big Miz, Pear is a new branch in All City’s ever-growing family tree. Named after the eponymous Dublin club night, the label’s now back to break 2018 in with the debut instalment of a new series, ‘Pal‘, featuring an international cast of talents amongst which D. Tiffany and Regularfantasy’s project Plush Throw, Full Pupp’s Chmmr and local player Sage.

After a solid debut solo effort on Argot sublabel Tasteful Nudes last year, Lee Kelly aka Sage provides us with a woozy, chromatic house reverie beaming with light and a rapturous sense of dancefloor manoeuvrability. Smoothly gliding in between rainbow-hued layers and downy synth overlays, ‘Daylight Blur‘ ushers you into a realm of tranquility and contemplation, enveloping and serene as it gets. Leave the stress of every day life behind and enter a heaven of peace and quiet.

PAL Vol. 1 is out now, order a copy from Juno.


A1. Sage – Daylight Blur
A2. Plush Throw – Plushwhosback
A3. CHMMR – User (CLI Mix)
B1. Brien – Convertible Woman
B2. Noah Skelton – Looped Reflections (Laughing Man Terminal Edit)
B3. Candles – Delish89 (I’m Right)

Discover more about Sage and Pear on Inverted Audio.