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Premiere: Soren Roi – Failures In Passion

A well-established figure of New York’s ever-vibrant underground emo punk and experimental electronic scene, Soren Roi aka Søren made a name for himself playing guitar for Røsenkøpf, a Brooklyn-based group promoting a hybrid, live-optimised sound they used to call “American blackened psychedelic goth noise“.

Two years after his last outing as Soren Roi on Ascetic House, the US producer clocks in on Nick Klein’s Primitive Languages with a proper mind-altering 7″, ‘Failures In Passion/Evenstance‘, floating somewhere in the seam zone betwixt ruffneck ethno-tech, rust-eaten dubs and elliptic industrial riddims.

Interlarded with menacingly cold vocal samples, sourced from a session Roi helped produce for Reba Maybury’s NTS program ‘Mistress Rebecca’s World‘ in London in 2017, our premiere ‘Failures In Passion‘ engineers a sustainedly volatile Bristolian skank fused with fast manoeuvring bass, rattling drums, droney electronics and further claustrophobic, reverb-drenched ambientisms. A hallucinated leather and latex-flavoured dungeon affair, this one oozes true grit.

Failures In Passion/Evenstance is out now via Primitive Languages, order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Failures In Passion
B1. Evenstance

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