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Tutto Questo Sentire land in London for five-part series of events exploring displacement

Following four previous editions in Italy, Tutto Questo Sentire will host a five-part series of events across London bringing together an international programme of new commissions, performances and discussions all focussed on exploring the theme of displacement.

Exercises on Displacement will take place in five different venues including Cafe OTO, South London Gallery and Ever Shot Studios. The programme brings together over 20 artists and ensembles including Mark Fell, Lucy Railton, Rian Treanor, Jan Hendrickse, Paul Modler plus the CURL Collective composed of Mica Levi, Brother May and Coby Sey.

The events will present both original and non original pieces by the collective, involving many of the artists that have taken part in previous editions of TQS, as well as those with whom the collective has organically developed a form of creative community. Mutual exchange is at the core of the project; cultural and artistic displacement is what the collective investigates.

Exercises on Displacement is co-produced by Thirty Three Thirty Three and is supported by the Italian Institute of Culture. Inverted Audio is an official media partner and we will be sharing further details as the year and events progress.

Featured photo by Francesco Mussida

Exercises on Displacement 1/5 at Cafe OTO – 15 March 2019

Olivia Salvadori
Coby Sey
Simon Allen
Jan Hendrickse
Paul Modler
Sandro Mussida
Mirco Mencacci
Rebecca Salvadori

*lineup subject to change

Exercises on Displacement 2/5 at (TBA) – 11 May 2019

Lucy Railton
George Finlay Ramsay
Sandro Mussida
Ciro Longobardi
Simone Beneventi
Rebecca Salvadori + Leah Walker
Olivia Salvadori

*lineup subject to change

Exercises on Displacement 3/5 at South London Gallery – 20 July 2019

Rebecca Salvadori + Guest
Mark Fell
Sandro Mussida + Guest
Olivia Salvadori

*lineup subject to change

Exercises on Displacement 4/5 at Ever Shot Studios – 20 September 2019

Rian Treanor + Karl da Silva
Nhu Xuan Hua
Niko Solorio
Capitol K
The State Of Image
Rebecca Salvadori + Leah Walker
Olivia Salvadori

*lineup subject to change

Exercises on Displacement 5/5 at (TBA) – 22 November 2019

CURL Collective
– Mica Levi
– Brother May
– Coby Sey

TQS Collective
– Olivia Salvadori
– Rebecca Salvadori
– Sandro Mussida

+ After Party

*lineup subject to change

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