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Premiere: Station 17 – Pusch (Pantha du Prince Sharing Lunch with Apes RMX)

Following the release of ‘Oui Bitte‘ in May, Hamburg-based experimental rock group Station 17 prepare to release a monumental 7-track remix LP on Bureau B, featuring a staggering swathe of remixers including Efdemin, Paul Frick, Toto Belmont, Mense Reents, Ada, Lawrence and the one and only Pantha du Prince.

Originally formed in 1989, Station 17 have since expanded to adopt 9 active members and 6 part time musicians, some with and some without mental disabilities. A notable collaboration was formed in 2006 when Station 17 joined forces with Hamburg-native Stefan Kozalla aka DJ Koze / Adolf Noise, resulting in the brain-jazz spectacle ‘Himmel über Hamburg‘ featured on ‘Rammelwolle (Remixes)‘ EP on Freude am Tanzen.

Now the band enlist a potent supply of re-workers, forming a who’s who of mainly Germanic production talent. Our pick is Pantha du Prince’s remix of ‘Pusch‘, effortlessly interweaving his signature blend of harmonic synths and bass alongside Station 17’s plucky guitar work. For long-time fans, you should recognise the similarity to Pantha’s career defining albums on Dial, most notably ‘Diamond Daze‘ LP from 2004.

‘Oui Mixe’ is scheduled for release on 8th September via Bureau B. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Efdemin – 20.000 Meilen unter dem Mond (Efdemin’s 7/4 Version)
2. Paul Frick – Hausmann (Paul Frick ist müde Remix) 05:29
3. Pantha du Prince – Pusch (Pantha du Prince Sharing Lunch with Apes RMX)
4. Toto Belmont – Der Monat (Toto Belmont Sophisti-Dub)
5. Mense Reents – Bewegung (Mense Reents Remix)
6. Ada – Aufgehoben (Ada Remix)
7. Lawrence – Das Rasen (Durch die Nacht mit Lawrence Pt. 2)