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FM synthesis experimentalist Gregg Kowalsky returns to Mexican Summer with ‘Eso Es’

Six years since the release of his sublime full length ‘L’Orange L’Orange‘, Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist Gregg Kowalsky returns to Mexican Summer with his sophomore album ‘Eso Es‘.

Consisting of seven ambient and electroacoustic compositions, ‘Eso Es’ continues Kowalsky’s penchant for FM synthesis. The album is said to present a sprawling new age journey into Kowalsky’s inner world, laced with a depth of emotiveness and vulnerability that’s rarely encountered in the electronic music realm.

Returning to Kowalsky’s childhood fascination with synthesizers and plunging headlong into the joys of the unknown that drew him toward experimentalism decades ago, the album was composed and recorded almost entirely on a Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer and sequencer both guided by overdriven MIDI data.

The seven compositions are the result of an entirely new process for the artist, embracing chance and the organic dialogue between an artist and the limitations and possibilities naturally presented by an unfamiliar instrument. While unquestionably led by a clear sense of process and structure, both were developed responsively, in real time, emphasising listening as a key element within the act of composing. The resulting lines of shimmering synthesizer and intoxicating rhythms bubble with a gleeful naiveté that often informs the early years of an artist’s practice.

Issued by American record label Mexican Summer as a limited edition vinyl LP, ‘Eso Es‘ marks the return of Gregg Kowalsky as a gentle force in electronic and electroacoustic music.

‘Eso Es’ is scheduled for release on 27th October via Mexican Summer. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Fragile Water
2. Fontainebleau
3. A Chorus of Trees
4. Cold Open Cascade
5. Nights Move
6. Throwing Shapes
7. Brass Dolphins