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Premiere: Stratton – Bless

Standing boldly in their sixth year of operation, London-based record label Of Paradise fade out of Summer and into Autumn with a milestone 20th release, courtesy of UK-based producer Stratton.

No stranger to the label, Stratton first debuted on Of Paradise in 2017 with his intoxicating ‘Smelling Salts‘ EP, followed up by the mind melting ‘Hardcore Live Forever‘ EP in 2019. Both attracting accolades for their nostalgic breaks. Now Stratton steps up to deliver his third EP on the label, confidently channeling his efforts down the hardcore and rave continuum with bombastic results.

Spanning 4 tracks, ‘Never Bettered Always Battered‘ is fuelled by speaker tearing bass, breaks, good old-fashioned Jungle and day-glo shades of rave. Our pick from the EP is ‘Bless‘, packing rapid-fire breaks, rave horns and gnarled thundering bass line, ‘Bless‘ is surefire to light up the dancefloor. Gun finger at the ready!

‘Never Bettered Always Battered’ is scheduled for release 30 September. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Badboy
2. Double Happiness (Bludclot Mix)
3. Bless
4. Vapour Trail Hurricane