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Premiere: Cio D’Or – Permanent Drop Q X

Kynant Records of Berlin are on a hot streak. After releases from Terrence Dixon and Mike Parker, German producer & sound designer Cio D’Or is next up to share their unique strand of deep explorative techno for the Refuge Worldwide founder’s label. ‘Polar Q’ is an 8-track bang-for-your-buck LP that explores a moody and cinematic style of Cio’s production.

Our premiere from the EP ‘Permanent Drop Q X’ delves deep into lightless underwater depths and brings a chill to this surgically constructed techno. Channelling some of that Mike Parker spiralling hypnotism and cold Raster-Noton minimalism, the vibrating & oscillating low-end frequencies and electric clicks shudder across aquatic and sparse ambient soundscapes.

Historically, Cio D’Or has moved between minimal hypnotic techno, dub techno and cinemascope ambient. You might remember the Dozzy-collaborator best via releases for Prologue (now defunct) and Semantica Records as well as being championed through ‘mnml ssg’ blog (RIP). The expertise in generating organic sounds she has fine-tuned and processed, sometimes for days on end, lives on and this release builds on her wealth of knowledge in composition and sound design.

Each track is well-arranged, thoughtful and contains a touch of drama. Once again, by connecting with her machines, the Köln-based artist has immersed herself in a project, and on this occasion took inspiration from the topics of climate change and water to create a contemporary slice of techno.

Polar Q is scheduled for release 16 September via Kynant Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Amplitude Q XI
2. Gezeiten Q X
3. Zentrifugal Q
4. Swirl
5. Polar Q XVII
6. Permanent Key
7. Permanent Drop Q X
8. Transparent Q III