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Premiere: Terminal Sound System – Verses

Debuted in 1999, the long-haul musical journey of multi-talented Australian artist Skye Klein has seen him traverse eras and styles with a consistence that’s well worth noticing. Better known for his work as Terminal Sound System – the moniker under which he returns today, Klein pulls the strings behind an all-consuming theatre of forlorn melodies, detuned guitar chords and altered tape loops, writing tales of chaos and mayhem through precise, scope-enlarging brushstrokes.

If you’re familiar with Denovali‘s output, the name of Terminal Sound System should be no stranger to your ears. ‘The Endless Sea‘ makes for Klein’s fourth full-length delivery on the Bochum-based imprint since 2011 and certainly one of his most riveting works to date. Across six carefully crafted mid-length tracks threading their way between uncluttered ambient spans and their noise-y phototype, TSS paints a picture both bleak and desolate yet inalterably vivid.

Lifted from the album, the heart-rending ‘Verses‘ is an intensely profound and intimate sonic lament; the kind that hurts and heals all at once, awakening long-forgotten wounds to better cauterise them. It starts with an ASMR-like voice over narrating a mourning story of abandonment and aimless wandering in some outerspace-y scenario, then smoothly morphs into a slow burning neo-western like ballad interlaced with flexile synthetic layers, to finally lay out a dazzling and grandly emotional cosmic last act that’ll send shivers down your spine.

The Endless Sea is released via Denovali on 6th April 2018, order a vinyl copy on their website.


1. For the Silent
2. Verses
3. Living Light
4. Sunlight We Fall
5. The Hum
6. The Endless Sea

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