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Premiere: Timothy J. Fairplay – Sad Magic

A graded galactic voyager with no shortage of prod tricks up his sleeve, London-based analogue whizz and deft ambient-scaper Timothy J. Fairplay has developed an unmatched knack for building evocatively spacious sci-fi scenarii. Channeling the energies of giallo disco, electro and kosmische-indebted synth music, the British producer is now back to sail us off away from our reality-weary inertia.

Conceived as the short soundtrack to an alien abduction mystery set in Chile, Fairplay’s latest for Spanish label Mystic & Quantum, ‘Skylark II‘, is a spitting sound image of the man’s keen telepathic aptitudes, much capable to beam a complete dancefloor up to Neptunian regions in a heartbeat.

So does our premiere, ‘Sad Magic‘ – a nostalgic but punchy acid slab perfect for these moments when the sun goes down and blonde wigs-wearing extraterrestrial beings in disguise appear out of the blue to stick a computer-like device on your finger and tranquilly probe your soul from stem to stern. Y’know, right before you wake up in the middle of a field with no memory of what just happened to you…

Skylark II is out now, order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Cerro El Condor
A2. Sad Magic
B1. Skylark II
B2. Superstition Springs

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