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5 Years of Astral Industries with Wolfgang Voigt, Vladislav Delay, Jan Jelinek, LF58 at Café OTO

Astral Industries take over Café OTO in Dalston between Friday 29 November to Sunday 1 December with a stellar cast of characters — main and supporting — to celebrate their five year anniversary.

Here at Inverted Audio we make no effort to hide our longstanding love for Astral Industries, the ambient treasury responsible for bringing us some of the highest quality reissues of ambient music — plus numerous brand new releases — wrapped up in eye-popping psychedelic artwork by resident artist Theo Ellsworth

As such, we’re incredibly excited to learn of Astral Industries three day event. Since their inaugural release, Deepchord’s especially hypnotic ‘Lanterns’ LP, AI have steadily brought forth a flow of stupendous records with the tenacity of a long-distance hunter — this is no sprint-to-finish record label, but one that moves with a deliberate patience befitting it’s output. It’s small wonder — but no mean feat — that the National Sound Archive is preserving the catalogue for generations to come. 

Birthdays are always the best form of celebrations, and label-boss Ario has pulled together a frankly heart-stopping lineup of internationally adored artists which complement the label’s high standards to adorn the speakers of London’s Café OTO for the last weekend in November. Notable highlights across the three-day course include Wolfgang Voigt, Jan Jelinek, Vladislav Delay, AI usual suspect The Chi Factory, LF58 (Neel & Filippo Scorcucchi) and Wanderwelle

Not to scrimp on quality, there’s also going to be support from respected ambient purveyors including Nathalia and o.utlier, amongst others, and live visuals from Hanzo. Grab your tickets fast as the bargain weekend passes are almost gone.

FRIDAY (19.00-00.00)

Wolfgang Voigt (live)
Jan Jelinek presents Zwischen (live)
Tomoko Sauvage (live)
Nathalia (DJ)

SATURDAY (19.00-00.00)

Vladislav Delay (live)
Andrew Pekler (live)
The Chi Factory (live)
hems (DJ)

SUNDAY (18.30-23.30)

LF58 (live)
Wanderwelle (live)
Multicast Dynamics presents Ancient Circuits (live)
o.utlier (DJ)

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