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Premiere: Too Smooth Christ – Infinite Fall DMZ

After a much busy 2017 season which saw him go on quite an impressive release binge, French vibe-monger Too Smooth Christ is set to light the fuse again with ‘With You In Mind‘ – a new four-tracker due out on his own co-founded imprint, Supergenius Records, within a couple weeks time.

As usual with Christophe Le Gall, the attention given to the atmospheric aspect doesn’t diminish the importance of the propulsive rhythmic backbone. Hybridising multiple influences – ranging from no-nonsense ’90s dance to acid bass, through percussive tribal motifs, old-school breaks and transfigured kosmische synth tides, TSC knits a sound curiously familiar yet uniquely identifiable.

Finest example is the EP’s opening cut, ‘Infinite Fall DMZ‘, which collides all the aforementioned ingredients with optimal efficience. A paragon of Le Gall’s bountifully gussied up electroid house, the track exudes its nostalgic flavours far and deep, taking you on a journey through vibrantly-hued dreamscapes and vivid animal-esque fantasies. ‘Too Smooth’ you said? A well aptly chosen name for the Frenchman, who once again proves he’s not usurped his nickname in the least.

With You In Mind is released via Supergenius Records in September 2018.


A1. Infinite Fall DMZ
A2. PHEQS125
B1. With You In Mind
B2. Etoile

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