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Premiere: Tour-Maubourg & Christophe Salin – Entropy

Keeping the energy fresh, and always trying to twist in new ways to be purveyors of fine house music, Christophe Salin premieres the first cut from his new imprint Salin Deep, a side hustle of his wider label Salin Records. For the debut, he’s teamed up with none other than Tour-Maubourg via the ‘From A Distance‘ EP.

Our premiere ‘Entropy‘, is the first single off of the EP, and it’s exactly what it says on the tin, a deeply hypnotic and brooding house tune, breeding disorder and uncertainty through its syncopated rhythms. Something you’d find akin to a dusty warehouse rave, warbling its distorted melodies and ominous lyrics to move feet on the floor and your thoughts into a different headspace.

The whole EP is stacked with atmospheric house that goes through a range of emotions too. A side step from the blissful and glossy tunes that are released on Salin Records and displayed in their individual works, but a welcome adoption of divided lines and fine-tuned production, especially for what is a personal project for both of them, pulling together a new direction in sound nicely. For another highlight on the EP check out ‘Doldrums‘.

‘From A Distance’ EP is out now via Salin Deep. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Entropy
A2. Autumn Leaves
B1. Love Don’t Live
B2. Doldrums