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Nueen channels balearic ambiance through ‘Circular Sequence’ on Quiet Time

Earlier this month, Spanish producer Nueen dropped a deeply introspective cassette named ‘Circular Sequence‘ through New York’s heralded ambient imprint Quiet Time.

Consisting of seven tracks, listeners are treated to crisp synths, organic sounds and blissful balearic harmonies, all recorded during the quiet colder months in the producers birthplace of Mallorca, resulting in a body of new age ambiance to the finest degree. Highlights include ‘Soft Air‘, ‘Decoding‘, ‘Wait Until Then‘.

‘Circular Sequence’ is out now in digital and cassette format via Quiet Time. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Soft Air
2. Syn
3. Moving II
4. Decoding
5. A Pattern
6. Wait Until Then
7. Departure