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Premiere: Trudge – And I’m Losing My Mind Again

2017 should be the year of confirmation for UK-based imprint Of Paradise. Incepted last year by Paul P. and Lauren C., the label’s just recently put out the eagerly-awaited reissue of Baltra’s seminal tape ‘No Regrets‘ on vinyl and is already quietly rolling towards its fourth iteration, a four-track delivery from on-the-rise French producer Trudge.

Infusing forceful junglisms and reshuffled rave-y idiosyncrasies through a wide-lens nostalgic house scope, ‘Buried Hopes‘ EP finds the right pace and balance between euphoric uptempo drives and roomy ambiences. Streaming in full on our channels, ‘And I’m Losing My Mind Again‘ is a spasmodic breakcore burner that collides bloodthirsty drum patterns a la Source Direct with the vibrant polychromatism of classical strings, raw and finely-sculpted in equal measure. An all-consuming ode to the true rapture of life.

Buried Hopes is released via Of Paradise on 30th June, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Memorial For A Buried Hope
A2. Sad But Necessary
B1. Drop
B2. And I’m Losing My Mind Again

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