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Premiere: Unhuman – White Bone Spirit (Autumns Remix)

Hailing from Amsterdam, newly-founded tape imprint Strange Therapy champions a sound both aggro and transgressive, fusing the finest of EBM, industrial, techno and noise. After a couple joint endeavours over the past few months – featuring the likes of Violet Poison, Restive Plaggona, Tomohiko Sagae, Operant and Stave, the Dutch label resurface with a beefy debut solo batch, ‘Shadows, Fire and Spirits‘, courtesy of Greek-born, Berlin-based producer Unhuman, better known for his contributions to the catalogues of AMOK Tapes, Liber Null and Instruments Of Discipline.

Presenting five cuts of the hardest alloy – including two remixes from industrial rising star Fallbeil and Clan Destine Records affiliate Christian Donaghey, alias Autumns, ‘Shadows, Fire and Spirits‘ finds Simotas bending the curve between boisterous technoid pulsations, rabid breakbeat and ravaged post-apocalyptic soundscapes. Our pick, Autumns’ heavily-arpeggiated creeper, drags the more understated ‘White Bone Spirit‘ into a 8-bit-like dungeon of vice and debauchery. This one will have you scratching your nails upon corroded textural tapestries as muffled screams rise, worryingly close, from the bottom of moving Gemonian stairs. Run for your life.

Shadows, Fire and Spirits is out now via Strange Therapy, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Shadow of the Serpent
2. Fire Rash Peeling
3. White Bone Spirit
4. Shadow of the Serpent (Fallbeil Remix)
5. White Bone Spirit (Autumns Remix)

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