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Premiere: Urulu – Precinct 9

Of all the house music labels to have surfaced over the last couple years, there’s one that holds a special place in our heart. Founded in 2017 in Amsterdam by Belgian expat Colin Volvert aka Rey Colino, Kalahari Oyster Cult rapidly stood out from the crowd with its pearl bivalve by way of coat of arms, a funny nod to a famed 70s psych rock and heavy metal band, and – above everything else – a stream of nacreous club sparklers to dance, dream and scuba dive to.

After incursions from the likes of Jacy, Interplanetary Criminal, Rhythm Of Paradise, Too Smooth Christ, Australian rising star Roza Terenzi, as well as a straight out essential triple retrospective package of works by New York house legend Ray Castoldi, Volvert and KOC maintain this irresistible momentum with their 5th delivery of the year, this time courtesy of LA-via-Berlin-based talent Taylor Freels, better known as Urulu. ‘Foreign Depths‘ is his third 12″ to come out in 2018.

Lifted from this gorgeous batch of equally dynamic and laid-back electronics, our pick ‘Precinct 9‘ is an endorphin-high hybrid whose skittish jungle and batucada-indebted drumwork is nicely offset by an aqueous, ambient-leaning sound design. Supple acid flexions add a further outerspacey feel to the track, as Urulu seems to draw a direct line between the Great Barrier Reef and Orion’s Belt, abolishing all sense of mass and gravity to take you on the most compelling of space travels.

Foreign Depths EP is released via Kalahari Oyster Cult on 4th October, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Transworld
A2. Precinct 9
B1. Groove Therapy
B2. Precinct 9 (Ex-Terrestrial Extremix)

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