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Premiere: Warzou – Eat It

Big Science Records head honcho Warzou steps up for the next release on the label. While the Lyon-based producer released an album with Gil.Barte under the name Warzabart a couple of years ago, ‘W is for Wobble’ marks his first full-length solo project.

Showcasing much of the music here through live sets in 2021, the tracks were recorded and edited last year. The physical release (designed by the man himself) is a limited edition CD that pays homage to the rave compilations of yesteryear.

Warzou combines sci-fi and sludgy tones across these 8 meticulously crafted tracks. Tempos range widely, from the bass-heavy mutant dancehall of ‘Addictive Program’ to the frantic psychedelia of ‘Eat It’. This lively cut avoids easy categorisation and keeps the energy levels high.

‘W is for Wobble’ is scheduled for release on 6 March via Big Science Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. VV
2. Pays Pancarte
3. Trunk Blaster
4. Addictive Program
5. Zip
6. Eat It
7. After Pardi!
8. Tout Doit Disparaître