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Premiere: Wave Temples – Double Enchantress

Swedish imprint Possible Motive continue on their mission to push experimental sounds from around the world. Their next release, the latest from enigmatic Florida artist Wave Temples, is a truly meditative and evocative work.

Containing 14 loosely sketched vignettes, ‘Another Night in Peru’ arrives six years to the day since the artist’s last release ‘Isle Enchanted’. Like that release, there’s a similar transportive power to these new-age emanations. Close your eyes for a second and you might find yourself on a windswept plane, deserted beach, or in a tranquil forest.

Our pick from the release is reminiscent of the work of Russian synth virtuoso X.Y.R., another Possible Motive alumn and expert in the field of hazy ambient. Waves lap at the shore on ‘Double Enchantress’, a low opacity vision shrouded in mist.

‘Another Night in Peru’ is scheduled for release 16 December via Possible Motive. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Another Night In Peru
2. Evening Visitor
3. Stargate
4. Blue Bermuda
5. Opener Of Ways
6. Lost City / Sacred Cenote
7. Taboo II
8. Picnic At The Two Rivers
9. Iridescent Sunrise (100% Seafoam)
10. Atolla Atoll / Floating Luxury
11. Deep Blue Abyss
12. Double Enchantress
13. Keen Gaze (Huaca Plateau)
14. $$$ Sunken Plaza $$$