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Premiere: Xen & Yovav – Hayom Etmol (Die Orangen Remix)

Fresh off some real fine deliveries courtesy of French Touch maestro Cosmo Vitelli and Kapitan – the new solo project of Dori Sadovnik, better known for his work as one half of Israeli production unit Red Axes, Malka Tuti keep the ball rolling with the anticipated debut number in a new series of high-quality remix packages.

The collection – soberly titled ‘Remix Pack‘ – will see label favourites and affiliates add their spin to some of MT’s back catalogue’s finest pieces. First in line, Salon des Amateurs’ legend Tolouse Low Trax and industrial outsiders Die Orangen step up to remix a pair of cuts extracted from Xen & Yovav‘s 2018-issued ‘Etmol Hayom‘ 7″. Flip sides and you’ll find Plazmot ‘Orot Levanim‘ getting double-trouble remix treatment from techno innovator Benedikt Frey and Cómeme staple Borusiade.

Streaming through our channels today, Dreems and Baha’s facelift of Xen & Yovav ‘Hayom Etmol‘ as Die Orangen takes the original’s swift-flowing electroid bop out to implement a straight out syncopated swing, playing further on stretching FX, delays and verbed-out riffs. The result makes for a much compelling hybrid of slo-cooked machine funk, EBM-shunted electro and future-facing industrial, trans-porting us to a land of shadow and light where appearances may be strongly deceptive and mirages the most tangible reality to cling to. Let the drift begin.

Remix Pack 1 is released via Malka Tuti on 19th July, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Xen & Yovav – Shavit (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
A2. Xen & Yovav – Hayom Etmol (Die Orangen Remix)
B1. Plazmot – Orot Levanim (Benedikt Frey Remix)
B2. Plazmot – Orot Levanim (Borusiade Remix)

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