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Premiere: Xr/spool: – Init Phases

Comic Sans’ latest cassette release from Italian producer Xr/spool: delivers an 11-track rodeo of club sounds shattered through field recordings. As formulaic as it is chaotic, ‘Void Lands’ balances wild, breakneck club textures with faker-than-life field recordings that flutter in and out of presence between the clamouring percussion.

We’ve selected “Init Phases” for our premiere. Landing in the middle of the album weighs heavy in both the unhinged super-ambient category and the tuff-as-fuck fractal breakcore that peppers the album like the back wall of a firing range.

Jarring, insidious non-chromatic whirring paves the introduction, building a palpable tension that can only break — and breaks appear to be Xr/spool:’s specialty: the producer weaves a drum pattern that’ll help you forget banal amen purgatory, riffing off the stutter-loops that form the bedrock of the track to forge a relentless sweep of resampled drum patterns.

‘Void Lands’ is scheduled fro release 13 March. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Void Lands
2. Handle Fear
3. Plus
4. Yblsky
5. Blast Riff
6. Eocene
7. Init Phases
8. Dg Msh
9. Dreamscaper
10. Silver Scissor
11. Warcracy
12. Spoken Mind

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