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Premiere: Yosuke Tokunaga – Quadrant s

Following news of Yosuke Tokunaga‘s upcoming album in March, today we present the premiere of the producer’s closing track from ‘Quadrants‘.

Sounding similar to the output of Vladislav Delay and Tim Hecker, Japanese producer Yosuke Tokunaga serves up a dense ambient album for Vaagner, featuring eight electro-acoustic quadrants, each permeating otherworldly timbres for desolate dimensions and introspective moments.

Propelled by a wheezing drone mechanism, an interstellar vehicle perhaps, ‘Quadrant s’ creates a dense vacuum enhanced with clanging metallics and digitised bleeps. Resulting in a haunting soundtrack for a distant future.

‘Quadrants’ is scheduled for release on 3 March via Vaagner. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Q uadrants
2. Qu adrants
3. Qua drants
4. Quad rants
5. Quadr ants
6. Quadra nts
7. Quadran ts
8. Quadrant s