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Quiet Time release Gi Gi cassette featuring samples from Prince, Vangelis, Erykah Badu

Late last week, New York-based ambient cassette imprint Quiet Time, released ‘Lumino Pleco‘ – an eight track album of cinematic and spiritual sounds from Gi Gi.

Already ranking high on our list of ambient excursions for January blues, ‘Lumino Pleco‘ conjures a quasi-religious trance and made entirely from samples – including Prince, Vangelis, Erykah Badu, and Miles Davis – warped, blended and smoothed over beyond recognition.

Lifted from the press release “these lush textural soundscapes are worthy of an introspective listen; lights off, candle lit and somewhere comfortable.” Highlights include ‘Tricofero‘ and ‘Devorse‘.

‘Lumino Pleco’ is out now. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Deudorix
2. Montjuïc ft. Mi Mi
3. Discalced
4. Triceofero
5. Plantings
6. Sagrat Cor
7. Lumino Pleco
8. Devorse