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Rabih Beaini explores leftfield sounds of Indonesia with ‘Raung Raya’ event series at Berghain

This Thursday in Berlin, Morphine present the first in a series of five events at Berghain exploring the more leftfield, raw and unconventional sounds from Indonesia.

‘Raung Raya’ is produced in collaboration with Europalia International Arts Festival and Rabih Beaini, head honcho of Morphine Records and more commonly know for his production alias Morphosis. The focus of ‘Raung Raya’ is to showcase an encompassing selection of diversity in Indonesian music.

The series of events feature Java based experimental band Senyawa, electronic music pioneer Otto Sidharta, Sundanese hardcore sound of Karinding Attack, the collaborative work around Tarawangsa “the sacred music of Sunda” and the magical singing of Ata Ratu, plus Iwan Gunawan’s specially built Bamboo Gamelan and Al Suwardi’s incredible contemporary Ensemble.

Raung Raya at Berghain

19 Oct – Raung Raya 1 – Moondog For Gamelan with Iwan Gunawan & Stefan Lakatos.

15 Nov – Raung Raya 2 – The Magic of Sunda with Karinding Attack, Tarawangsawelas and Rabih Beaini, Otto Sidharta and Uwalmassa.

5 Dec – Raung Raya 3 – Ata Ratu with Ata Ratu, Aural Archipelago, Zoo.

10 Jan – Raung Raya 4 – The craft of Senyawa with Senyawa with Patshiva Cie.

16 Jan – Raung Raya 5 – Aloysius Suwardi’s Planet Harmonik

A limited amount of group tickets for all 5 events are currently on sale as well as individual tickets. All tickets can be purchased here.