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Premiere: West 2 West – Eternal Ways

September 2016 marked the release of John Daly’s sophomore LP as ‘The Smoke Clears’ – an eight-track album of soothing electronica and immersive atmospheres we had the chance to discuss through an extended chat as John shared with us some of his most inspirational cuts, from Popol Vuh through Aphex onto Pink Floyd and more.

This fall the Galway-based producer returns to All City Records with a whole different project. Incepted in 2016 with an appearance on All City’s offshoot Jheri Tracks’ debut VA sampler, West 2 West showcases a distinct side of Daly’s work, mostly focused on MPC-built hip-hop rhythms and soul-infused melodies, but also tinged with an ambient-friendly touch in line with his work as The Smoke Clears for good measure.

Streaming in full over our channels is the same cut that featured on Jheri Tracks’ inaugural comp, i.e. the deep and dubby closer ‘Eternal Ways‘. Bathed in an appeasing elixir of liquid-like reverbs and iridescent synthlines, the track unfolds smoothly and seamlessly, offering the kind of chill-out session for your ears that should be labelled therapeutic for the greater good. 100% healer.

West 2 West Vol. 1 is out now, order a copy from Bandcamp.


Vol. 1

1. Experience
2. Undercover
3. Mirage
4. Peace Of Mind
5. Template
7. Alright
8. Stick It Out
9. For Love Again
10. Strange State
11. Every Beat Of
12. Eternal Ways

Vol. 2

1. Make It Work
2. Mirror Mirror
3. Back 2 Earth
4. Desire02
5. Daze Like This
6. Wanna Make
7. Groove
8. Exit Strategy
9. For Love Again
10. Stars Out
11. Moon Over Soon
12. Almost There

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