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Background Sound: Close EP

Diverse interpretations and subjective opinions are some of the many things that make new music so enjoyable. On that premise, Background Sound’s debut release is a resounding success, with two emotive originals forged in the heart of New York’s bleak winter months, and a trio of remixes from very different perspectives. The cold season fortuned old friends Alberto Hernandez and Andrew Siedenburg the time to work closely and tailor their art, drawing inspiration from the city’s steaming drains, skyscrapers and backstreet alleys.

The title track ‘Close’ skips around at about 135 beats per minute, easing in on warm pads before syncopated hi-hats carry the rhythm of a wholly ethereal outing. Female vocal snippets scattered through-out give purpose to a track that at its peaks becomes dense with sonics. By not abiding to a strict formulaic arrangement, ‘Close’ allows itself a certain amount of unpredictability that accurately reflects the subject matter. ‘Good by you’ opens on suspended synthy chords and low end thuds until altering the atmosphere with more staccato notation. The end result is something quite playful and Mario-esque.

London based ‘Blue Daisy’, no stranger to remix duties, lives up to his reputation by building an incredibly well thought through translation of the original. Submerging the vocals in layers of reverb and manipulating the ambiance to create a dreamy, cinematic masterpiece. Brainfeeder‘s recent signing, Lapalux develops ‘Close’ into a determined, flirtatious production. Rolling percussion and micro-edits demonstrate auspicious attention to detail whilst ‘Duffstep’ takes it in a completely different direction. One of the label’s founders, a talented producer that has come increasingly into the public domain over the past 18 months, has turned in a heads down, lights out dancefloor gem. Warm subs, rounded timpani and really groovy vibe make this more than easy listening.