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Bob Moses: Far From The Tree

By default, good music will always be good. However, sprinkle a liberal amount of context on top and it can be elevated a notch or two in opinion. Far From The Tree, by the New York based pairing that make up Bob Moses, carries with it the mood of a changing of seasons; that of leaves changing colour, mist rolling over hills and hazy afternoons whose shadows carry the threat of an oncoming chill.

Sonically, the vocal delivery is akin to to dOP vocalist Jaw’s style, husky and effortless, while the instrumentation nods towards Robag Whrume’s organic sound. “All I Want”, “Winter’s Song” and “Stealing Fire” have the typical verse and chorus structure; “All I Want” builds with optimism through the softly hit glockenspiel and deep emotional piano, while the latter pair prove to be more reflective thanks to mournful guitar and pining vocals.

So far, so serious. However, the title track itself proves to be a touch more playful within the canvas that has been set out; the beats swing, the hum of the pads hypnotically pulse and the vocals, at first introduced in ad libbed gasps, uniquely stutter the main phrase of “you don’t fall far from the tree now”. Finally, in a sprightly turn, the instrumental “Interloper” rolls out scattered percussion, but then pulls the rug from beneath your feet, just as you assume this is to be the token dancefloor purposed number, to finish with a beatless and dreamy outro.

Far From The Tree goes hand in hand with the carrying of gloves and scarf in a bag “just in case”, is deserving of end to end listening through headphones, as you shrug off piercing wind that was only just recently a gentle breeze, and of a place in those warm up sets that are suddenly starting in darkness rather than sunset. Summer is overrated, it’s time to get autumnal.


1.. Far From The Tree
2. Winter’s Song
3. All i Want
4. Interloper
5. Stealing Fire


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