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Burnkane: You Know

Burnkane is a Scottish producer that I actually know very little about but these two tracks are truly something else. Think Flying Lotus and Burial fucking R’n’B whilst Arthur Russell watches. First tune, “You Know”, combines inventive live instrument experimentation with melancholic auto-tune vocals and heavily processed woodblock percussion all sitting below warm ambient textures. The thing that I like most about this track is that it has great pop sensibility and, as a result, is very catchy. “You Will Forget”, on the flip, is slightly more tongue-in-cheek. Based around a broken dance-hall rhythm, this tune takes the whole auto-tune R’n’B thing and fucks with it. Still present though, are the lo-fi textures and mournful keys. Its a party tune for the downcast. My only complaint, though, is that, perhaps, it could do without the slightly redundant and cheesy male rap vocals that feature in the mid-section but that’s just a matter of opinion. These two tracks wear their influences proudly on their sleeves but still have enough originality to sound like nothing that we’ve really heard all year. The success lies in the blending of a range of styles in order to create a new, fresh one. Brilliant.