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Falty DL: Bravery EP

There’s a new EP entitled Bravery from New York based producer, Falty DL. Picking up from where his brilliant debut album, Love is a Liability, left off these 8 tracks, some written as recently as 3 months ago, take us further into the mind of Drew Lustman. One of the first things that one notices when listening to this is that these cuts feel rawer and less comforting than tunes such as “To London” or “Human Meadow”. The beats have a tendency to swing so much that sometimes they come close to falling apart all together, the title track and “Made Me Feel So Right” being perfect examples of this. However, there is also a precise element of control exercised in these tunes: even though they feel that they could fall apart at any moment they always manage to hold themselves together. It is the thing that I love most about this EP: the tunes feel completely unforced allowing the emotions conveyed to be completely believable. Highlights are “Made Me Feel So Right”, which successfully taps into the same haunting feeling that Burial is most famous for, the squashed funk of “Discant” and the swinging, yet melancholic garage of “Bravery”. I’m still yet to decide whether I prefer this or his album but, to be honest, it doesn’t really matter because its a fantastic EP that comes very very highly recommended.